Monday, January 25, 2010

The Man Who Was Left Behind

Sunday, as in yesterday, we shot some test footage for a movie idea. We don't have a script, or a title, but we have a location.

The idea for now is about a pilot who crash lands in the middle of nowhere and finds an abandoned airport terminal and takes residence there as he struggles to survive.

We shot it "Po Buget" style (as in poor budget -- no lights -- bad camera -- no production value). We are in the process of doing a quick edit... of what took place that eventful day.

Below are screenshots.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Camera anyone?

We haven't had a camera in weeks... months even. Don't ask.

Currently looking for new camera. Looking at DSLR options. Specifically, this bad boy right here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

progress report

I got 30 pages on the script...

Nothing else to report.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dusting it off

Taking a look at the feature-length script: "The Big Push". I thought I had written 30 pages... I barely have 20. Let's see how far I get this weekend.

Tried to hire a screenwriter to complete it... turns out... they want money. I've gotten quotes from $2,000 and up. One person had just sold a script for like $95,000. I've contacted like 20 screenwriters (and still have like 50 I haven't responded to) and they are all in agreement about the whole money thing. Not that I don't think they should get paid... just that, we're not Sony or the Weinsteins.

One person was willing to do a draft for just a few hundred bucks. Which was more than fair, but no one knows this material more than we do. Even the more expensive writers that contacted me from LA and NY do NOT understand what the hell we're trying to do here. So, that's where I'm at.

Spoke with a local producer the other day and he told me why don't I sell my own scripts. I was like... oh, ya?! I have at least 2 complete scripts I don't intend to produce anytime soon. Someone else can have it... I mean buy it.

Just gotta figure out how to sell the durn things. In the mean time, let's see about finishing the one we intend to make. And, I guess... sell one at the same time.

Why not?

Friday, January 15, 2010


We are working on a feature length movie about two arcade salesmen. More info below...

After being fired from their day job, Chester and Willie form a startup company selling arcade machines. However, when their partnership goes belly up, and Willie abandons everything, Chester cuts his losses and decides to give his fledgling company one last big push.

Status: In Development
It is based off of the 7minute short we produced below, entitled: "C@CK BLAST"

If you would like this project to see the light of day as an Feature Length Movie please consider a small donation below!

Many thanks...

Scripts I found

I've been going through an old laptop (which has win98 on it). And have been using floppy disk drives to try to extract some old scripts. Some of them feature length movies!

But, some of the scripts I have located are to the shorts below:

Tobey McGraw
New Berlin
Red Christmas
and more...

I will post the actual scripts in the next few days to the movies above.

In the mean time -- the first script I pulled is from our short S.A. (aka ET2)... which you can find in the previous post.


Old scripts and production notes to stuff we filmed (and some in hiatus).

3 Wiseguys discover a miracle on Christmas Eve.

What's different in the script? Not much. The chase sequence in the movie is longer. But, it's probably the only script we actually followed word for word. Actually, the "NBC Special segments" are not in the script either. That's about it. Wait... as I'm watching the movie again... I realize we didn't really follow the script exactly.


SA (aka E.T.2)
Boy finds an alien of a different persuasion in his shed.
What's different in the script? SA learns English watching Scarface (or some other lame show), he gets sick by drinking bleach and in the end it isn't just Elliot that says goodbye to him... Some hillbilly in a truck... with the funniest line... I think...



Below are some feature length projects currently under development...

Airplane pilot crash lands in the middle of nowhere and takes residence in an abandoned airport terminal as he struggles to survive.


THE BIG PUSH (mockumentary) donate
Chester forms a company with former co-worker selling video games. When the company goes belly up, and his partner bails out, he decides to cut his losses and try to give his fledgeling company one last big push.


WAR PAINT (drama)
A group of guys go on weekend trip to play paint ball only to find out somebody is using live ammunition.

THE DONOR (action-suspense)
Man is on a mission to find out who in the world stole his kidney.

THE 8TH GENERATION (documentary)
An investigative journey on the troubling facts of a missing person who left behind a library of evidence through his home movies.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I directed this video called Swangerz late last year.

And I'm throwing it up here for all to see.

Big ups to Affyzzle & Triple S, Guyman... the girls... Serial Kill (editor)... Zachary Herigodt (DP).